Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

PUBG Map Releases

Deston should be available as a playable map when update . for PUBG releases on July for workstation and July for consoles. Deston is an eight×eight map pointed out within the columnist unlock as a part of a “near-future and ravaged world.” Deston is the third eight× map after Erangel and Miramar while actuality bifold the size of Sanhok. because it is nearly normal for the fight royale game, it has some enjoyable features.


Seeing as traversal is totally vital on the higher maps, there should be a new automobile to get gamers around Deston. just as if you were on the anchorage, airboats will be joining the game, but handiest in Deston. The airboat is able to protecting individuals. while of route this new vehicle a whole lot speedy over baptize, it will possibly hit kmh on land. Seeing because the airboat can tackle land in addition to water will add an enormous appropriate knowledge to whoever can get their fingers on one first.


no longer only is there a brand new car unique to Deston, but a new weapon will be as smartly. avid gamers could be able to find the new O throughout the map. The O is a barometer shotgun that fires slugs as opposed to shells. For those perhaps now not mindful, a shotgun that fires a slug essentially ability that it fires one gigantic ammo, as opposed to pellets. You’re a shotgun that will be a lot extra correct and deadly. Seeing as the projectile fires doesn’t opened up, the O gained’t have a spread problem.

Ripton – A partially submerged metropolis that players will ought to wade through bank baptize to contemptible through and might utilize tall skyscrapers to travel seamlessly from air to ground

  • live performance – an outdoor concert pageant area the place you’re free to strut some ball strikes earlier than branch out to battle for that bird dinner, additional a number of extra POIs for avid gamers to event for themselves.
  • In two weeks, all players can be able to adventure Deston. that you can locate the full application addendum for . here.

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